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About Us

At Our Core

We're dedicated to making the outdoors more accessible, while promoting environmental stewardship, and building a global community of adventure enthusiasts that are passionate about discovering and appreciating our planet.

Force For Good

There are 150 million of us that love to play in the outdoors. When we stand together, we can turn our shared passion into a force committed to making our world a better place. Join our community and learn tangible ways we can tackle environmental and social issues affecting how we adventure.


Stewardship, Made Easy

Each Lodestar adventure comes with a report detailing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your trip, along with specific actions that you can take to reduce your environmental impact and give back.


Dedicated to Community

Protecting our environment is a group effort and we love changemakers. That's why each month we highlight two non-profit partners that are on the ground working to preserve our planet and build a more inclusive and diverse outdoor community.

Our Team

Alicia Finigan Roessler-image

Alicia Finigan Roessler

Co-founder, CEO

John Roessler-image

John Roessler

Co-founder, COO/CTO

Tracy  Colahan-image

Tracy Colahan

Head of Sustainability, Board Member — Founder Waypoint Acuity

Jill  Wedderburn-Maxwell-image

Jill Wedderburn-Maxwell

Head of Marketing, Board Member — Founder, Haven Marketing & Futurecaster

April Whitney-image

April Whitney

PR and Content

Joseph Panossian-image

Joseph Panossian

Software Development

Chris Marmo-image

Chris Marmo

Board Member — Founder, Harmony BioPharma

Scott Carlson-image

Scott Carlson

Marketing — Founder, Vans General Store

Jonnathan Araujo-image

Jonnathan Araujo

Marketing — Head of Ops, Vans General Store

Shaun Tomson-image

Shaun Tomson

Advisory Board— World Surf Champion, Author

Loren Colahan-image

Loren Colahan

Advisory Board

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