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Impact Partners

Make Your Footprint Count

At Lodestar, stewardship - the job of taking care of something - isn't a goal, but a mindset, a way of life. That's why environmental and community stewardship is incorporated into every adventure you build on Lodestar. Together, let's make our footprint count.

Stewardship, made easy

Every time you plan a trip on Lodestar you can help protect the places you’re going by making a donation to one of our local impact partners and wiping out your trip’s carbon footprint - all in one place.

Use your voice

Use your voice to help tackle the climate crisis, promote equitable access to the outdoors, and work on other important environmental and social issues.

Build community

Participate in monthly crowdfunding campaigns to raise critical funds for our non-profit partners and learn about the important work they are doing for our community and for our environment.

Our Impact Partners

The Lodestar Giving platform is the first ever network of non profit organizations who share a passion and a mission for environmental and community stewardship of the outdoors.

Lodestar is committed to donating 5% of our revenues or more to our non profit and community partners each year
B Lab cover image

B Lab is the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

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Leave No Trace cover image

We are all the solution to conservation, and Leave No Trace is leading the way. With pioneering science, hands-on training, and simple guidelines, Leave No Trace helps you explore the outdoors sustainably every time you get outside.

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Little Ski Hill cover image

At The Little Ski Hill our primary focus is our after school program. This unique program provides transportation from McCall, Donnelly and New Meadows schools to the ski hill four days each week. Kids learn healthy lifetime sports and skills in this full circle program. As participants grow with the program, they become instructors who teach the next generation of children all about how much fun Little Ski Hill is.

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Sage Trail Alliance cover image

SAGE Trail Alliance sees outdoor recreation as a pathway towards environmental appreciation. We foster this relationship across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

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SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf cover image

SeaTrees directly supports communities and scientists who protect and regenerate blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. This includes planting mangrove trees, restoring kelp forests, coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and conserving coastal watersheds.

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Selway Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation cover image

The Selway Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation is a community of wilderness minded and hardworking individuals dedicated to bringing citizens and youth to wilderness to work, live, and play. Since 2006, SBFC has helped steward the 4-million-acre Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, across Idaho and Montana. We ensure recreational use by opening trails and maintaining trail connectivity. We also protect the natural conditions of wilderness ecosystems through wilderness character monitoring, campsite obliteration, invasive species removal, and erosion mitigation.

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Tahoe Backcountry Alliance cover image

The Tahoe Backcountry Alliance is the voice for Tahoe’s human-powered winter backcountry community. Your generous donations allow the Tahoe Backcountry Alliance to continue our mission of educating, informing, and advocating for backcountry skiers and riders for generations to come.

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Wilderness Youth Project cover image

Nature connection makes life better for kids. Time in nature makes kids happier and healthier. Wilderness Youth Project connects kids to nature in small groups guided by expert mentors during the school day, after school and in summer.

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